Mriska’s 3rd Dentist Visit

doing a great job

doing a great job

Yes its our 3rd, Hubby and I agreed to religiously bring Mriska to the Dentist every year for her annual checkup/cleaning/fluoride treatment. I don’t want to come to a point that my little Mriska is crying for mercy because toothache. Prevention is better than Cure….

What we parents (hubby and I) usually do before a Mriska’s Dentist visit:

-days before, we read her the “Tooth Book” by Dr. Seuss where at the end of the book shows that a Dentist is the teeth’s bestfriend, and in this book also shows how important taking good care of our teeth.
-we chose a kiddie dental clinic inside a mall, which she can play around before the procedure starts, in this clinic kids are allowed to roam around the clinic choose which chair they wanted to have the procedure(pink/blue/yellow/white), they can touch the tools as well, they can even as questions about the stuff inside the clinic. So we let her play and be comfortable with the clinic before the dentist starts.

This never fail, lucky us Mriska didn’t give us a hard time in every Dentist visit, she behaves well, no tears, Dentist visit always a breeze.

Now what’s new, from the last year that Mriska was asked to sitdown on mom’s lap during the procedure, now no more mom, its just her. Oh my big baby girl.

 Mriska's 2nd Dentist Visit with mommy on the dental chair

Mriska’s 2nd Dentist Visit with mommy on the dental chair

no more mommy

no more mommy

And we like our new dentist too, Thank you Dr. Jeff Wong. whom happens to be just a reliever in SM San Lazaro Dr. Des Kids Dental Clinic, he is from SM Manila Branch which is nearer to Homey, yey. Till Mriska’s next visit…

Dr. Jeff Wong

Dr. Jeff Wong

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I Love To Cook

In every family, there is one member who always cook, and does have his/her specialty.

In my family, my papa is the cook and He does it best. He even trained me. We love every single dish he cooks. From his Estofado, Kaldereta(my favorite), Tokwa’t Baboy, Paksiw na Pata, and a lot more. He can cook everything and expect a yummy treat.

My mama doesn’t cook that much but when she does, we usually request for a repeat. By the way my Mama cooks the best Pastel.

Kuya Otet, yes he cooks too. His version of Pansit is to die for, he even makes variation. Have u ever tried Pansit in squid ink…

Bunso Isiah, loves to cook. Sisig – He got that covered for us.

My hubby loves to eat. And he came from a family of good cooks as well. I myself always looks forward for my mother-in-law’s the best Dinuguan and Kare-kare.

That’s why when I became a wife and a mom, I promised myself that I will cook/bake for my hubby and baby. I want to have a specialty of my own too, something that my hubby and baby will be proud of.

I wished someday Mriska will say… “You know what my mommy cooks the best ______”

By the way this is my first time to cook kare-kare…



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Mriska’s School Uniform


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Trick or Treat 2012

Mriska enjoyed Trick or Treat and Mom too…

And it is our 2nd year.

Last 2011, Mriska joined SMART Trick or Treat and she went there as a Butterfly Fairy.

Butterfly Fairy

Mriska and Ethan at SMART Trick or Treat 2011 & 2012

And here comes 2012, we’ve got to join 2 Trick or Treats one in Mriska’s School and the other is in Mommy Agie’s office.

At Mommy’s Office Mriska was a Mermaid

Little Mermaid

19th flr concept for 2012 SMART ToT

with Mommy and Daddy

And in Mriska’s School she was Miss. Marvel

The First Part of the Program was to introduced their character,

My Little Miss Marvel

Nursery Class

Then there is a short pupper show prepared by the teachers and yayas from school,

The Three Little Pigs

Listening to the puppet show

The kids rendered a dance number to the tune of OPPA GANGNAM STYLE,

Danced Oppa Gangnam Style

Trick or Treat Time!

Trick or Treat inside Mriska’s School Playground

Happy with what she got

with classmates

Play before going home

Then when we got home. Mriska starts to enjoy her treats!

Yum yummy Treats!

Excited for next years Trick or Treat, I asked Mriska what she wanted to be on her next Trick or Treat, I got an answer but Mommy have something in mind as well.. Lets see…

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Christmas is in the air

Mriska and I have been waiting for the time the we can finally put up the Christmas tree but Dad always says after Undas. So when that time came we are really excited and happy about it. We all did a fair share of work in decorating our house, YES! fair share.. even Mriska work hard to have a beautiful Christmas Tree for Homey.

Our First Christmas with Homey.

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My Little Octoberian

Mriska’s ID Picture

Every child’s 1st day in school is always been special to every parent…

Most parents took a leave from work to be able to send their kid in school on their first day.

Not for my case, I am here in the office working but it’s ok daddy is there.

I intentionally let daddy to be the one to send Mriska at school, Why???

It is his last day of vacation with us and tomorrow he will be leaving for work again.

I let him do everything, sending mriska to school, talking to Mriska’s teachers, and dealing with every instance in school.

And I’m very proud of him, Thanks Daddy Ejhaye, now let’s go back to Mriska.

Last night I prepared Mriska’s hygiene kit a plastic envelop filled with the following:


-Hair brush

-Toilet Tissue

-Another set of PE uniform


And then I asked ate jane(Mriska’s yaya) to press Mriska’s dress that she will be wearing for her first day.

Unfortunately the Mananahi wasn’t able to comply with the promised schedule which was last Saturday, hopefully soon they will be able to deliver it at our house.

Before going to sleep, Daddy talked to Mriska which we are doing for quite some time to prepare her with her first day in school… Telling her what to expect in school.

-You should raise your hands and say… “excuse me teacher, I need to pee”

-You should behave in school

-You should always say excuse me if you want to say something, (on her first day, she was able to do it but she said this instead “teacher excuse me, I’m hungry, and then pointing to her snackbox… hehehe nagutom kaagad si tabachingching, more of the stories, keep reading…)

And then we prayed to wrapped our day.

All set….

Monday Morning.

Dad, Mom, and Mriska woke up, had our breakfast..

Mom left home and headed to the office, thanks to our technology that I am always updated on Mriska’s status at school.

But I will have to finish this blog by daddy’s help…

Dad, Ate Jane and Mriska went to the school, with all enthusiasm Mriska joined the other kids right away. Thanks God No Separation Anxiety, thank You for giving me a very sociable kid.

5 episodes to highlight her first day

-It is not recess yet Mriska raised her hand and said teacher excuse me, I’m hungry, and then pointing to her snackbox. Teacher Wena let Mriska eat her snacks earlier that other kids, she said that it is normal for students on first day which they are still adjusting with the time to take their snack. Daddy saw Mriska in one of the corner of the classroom eating alone, hehehe.

-Dad heard someone crying inside the classroom, and indeed it is Mriska and he asked Mriska “dad nitulak ako ng kid”, and seconded by another kid “nagcry po sya… dad asked the teacher what really happened “hindi po sadya ung pagkakatulak tumatakbo po kasi sya(pointing to the kid who unintentionally pushed Mriska) nasangga po si Mriska. so daddy explained to Mriska that the kid didnt mean to hurt her. and Mriska went back to her chair and joined the class again.

-Someone is trying to open the classroom door, daddy ejhaye helped and then when he did he saw Mriska then she uttered “dad go home na ako” then she cried again why, someone took her toy while she’s playing. she went to the teacher and said “Teacher, nagfighting po sila” Teacher Wena explained to Mriska that they are not fighting but the other kid just wanted to borrow the toy.

-Mriska got a star because she was able to count and identify the numbers the teacher asked her. Good Job Mriska.

Star from Teacher Wena after counting and identification of numbers

Then finally…

-Dad talked to Mriska’s teachers, Teacher Angel and Teacher Wena.

“She is very indepedent, which is a very good thing. she seldom asks for help, she is very possesive with her things(nagmana sa daddy).”

Looking for more fun fun stories about Mriska’s school journey…

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Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Mriska

Hi Mriska,

Mriska and Mom, just few minutes after delivering Mriska.

Happy 3rd Birthday anak. This is my letter for you on your 3rd birthday. I almost forgot but i will not let this day pass without making a letter for you.

Little Mermaid Mriska on her 3rd Birthday Party

Mommy is so happy to have u as my child.
Thank you for making mommy happy always.

Mriska and Mommy at the house pool

Happy for making mommy all worth for the love you give me.

Mriska: Mom Thank you for the wonderful party. lots and lots of ariel(little mermaid) party…
Mom: Did u enjoy ur party?
Mriska: Yes mom, thank you for making me happy…

Happy for the simplest joke that you share:

Kulit smile

Mriska: Mom, make-up ka ba?
Mom: Bakit?
Mriska: kasi make-up (make-a)friend kita eh, boom!

Kulit baby Mriska

Mriska looking at dad’s picture…
“Dad, Prang mataba ka dito,para kang ITLOG!”

Happy and proud for all the comments you always got.

“Mommy emotionally ready for nursery even her age is for toddler level”
“Mommy you are a great teacher”
“Biba sya noh”
“Para syang desusi”
“she’s so cute…”

Happy and grateful that you always reminds mommy how daddy loves me so much.

Mommy Mriska Daddy
The Sepillos Family

Thankful for pushing mommy to do things that she never realizes she can do.”event stylist na ako ngaun”

Mommy is prepping Mriska’s 3rd Birthday Party
Little Mermaid Under the Sea Themed Party

And most of all, in every challenge, sadness and fear, You always reminds mommy that God never left me. That God is always there for me. That God gave me the most wonderful blessing every woman ever wish for. A family,A child…

Anak you always says, thank you mommy.. i love you mom.. mommy you’re the best…
But anak i would like to thank you too for loving me and for making mom the best mommy for you. I will not be at my best if not for you.

I love you baby, I love you anak, I love you my mriska so muchy muchy…


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